Python script to add dns challange for domain hoster inwx with

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script collection for certbot dns authentification for domains hosted by

This script collection is in alpha state and only useable on linux systems. Tested with debian 9 and ubuntu 16.04.


A file conf.cfg with inwx settings must e exist in the repository root folder like:

url =
username = [USERNAME]
password = [PASSWORD]
shared_secret = your_shared_secret

example usage

command line

certbot certonly --manual --server --preferred-challenges=dns --manual-auth-hook [path to this repositry]/  --manual-cleanup-hook [path to this repositry]/ -d -d *

with config file


email = []
cert-name = [USERNAME]
rsa-key-size = 4096

server =
authenticator = manual
manual-auth-hook = [path to this repositry]/
manual-cleanup-hook = [path to this repositry]/

domains =, *


certbot certonly -c wildcard-ini